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The CDRA Planning Sub-Committee keeps a close eye on all planning applications submitted for our area. We comment on any that we feel are of concern and support local residents if they are concerned about developments affecting them. You can contact us about a planning matter using the contact us button above.

Esso Petrol Station, Stoke Road

3rd May 2022

As part of the development of the Esso petrol station shrubs and trees were removed without authorisation. Following complaints, including the CDRA’s, the developers were told to reinstate them. This did not happen immediately, and we would like to thank EBC’s Planning Enforcement team for insisting on them doing so. We feel this is a small but important screen on the edge of the Tilt Conservation Area. We feel that the planting is a little too sparse and will need careful maintenance to survive. We hope for further improvements to re-establish the soft edge to Stoke Road and will be watching how well this planting does.


Painshill Park

3rd May 2022

We are grateful to Painshill Park and Surrey footpath officers for their agreement to realign one of their proposed new footpaths across Goldstone Field. Residents in local roads were concerned that one of them would have been too close to the rear of their properties.  The CDRA asked the Council for a realignment to pick up the existing footpath close to the River Mole which received planning permission last week and will help soften the impact of the new car park on this pleasant green space. The existing footpaths will be changed when Painshill build their new car park.


Elmbridge Local Plan

15th March 2022

Elmbridge's Draft Local Plan has been published, and is now available on the Elmbridge website HERE
The Local Plan will guide Elmbridge's decisions on future development proposal and will identify where development could take place.
We are pleased to report that, for Elmbridge, the number of new housing units requiring to be built have come down from 9615 to 6985 over 15 years, per annum this is a reduction from 641 to 465 - a significant achievement. The CDRA, along with other local community groups have helped in achieving this reduction. It is still high given that currently only about 280 homes are built each year in the borough. The CDRA will continue to work for a significant number of new builds being affordable homes.
The Local Plan is on the agenda for discussion at the Elmbridge Cabinet meeting on 16-Mar-2022. It will then be discussed at the Special Elmbridge Council Meeting on 22-Mar-2022. Approval is likely to be forthcoming and it will be then be available to the public for consultation. While there are some provisions for public representations, few changes can practically be achieved at this stage. It will then be sent to the government Planning Inspector for the final approval.

Elmbridge Design Code Consultation

13th February 2022

CDRA will be engaging with Elmbridge Council over the next few months to help protect the character of our environment here in Cobham and Downside we all enjoy and benefit from. You can find more about it by clicking HERE


CDRA Perseverence Pays Off!

18th November 2021

77 Tilt Road is the right hand of three cottages which overlook the Tilt, and can be seen as you leave Cobham along the Stoke Road.  The traditional brick faced cottages were attractive to look at, but also reflect the character of properties around the Tilt and indeed other parts of Cobham. That was until ugly external wall cladding was installed onto the front facing wall of 77 Tilt Road in 2019.  Unfortunately we don't have a 'before' photo of the cladding in place, but you can see what it looked like as it remains on the small extension at the far right of the three cottages above. This work took place despite a planning application for it being refused in August 2019. The Council’s Compliance Team were notified, and the owner was instructed to either remove the cladding or submit a retrospective planning application.

A retrospective application was submitted and subsequently refused in August 2020. As the insulation was still in place in November, CDRA again followed up with the Compliance Officer and was informed that an appeal against the planning refusal was being considered. We followed up in January 2021 and the Compliance Officer informed us that the owner was awaiting a 'report from a brick specialist’, but that removal would be enforced. Having monitored the issue over a considerable period of time, CDRA were therefore delighted to see the insulation being finally removed from the front of 77 Tilt Road in October this year - over two years after the original planning application refusal.

Not only has the attractive brick frontage of the three cottages been restored, but a visual blight to the view across the Tilt has also been removed. CDRA are pleased that with perseverance the desire of residents to retain the character of Cobham can be achieved and that non-compliance with planning regulations can be successfully addressed. The cladding would have provided insulation for the house which we are of course in favour of, but any measures like this to reduce energy use must be approved by the council and be in keeping with the surrounding area.



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