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We remain concerned about the size (and speed) of the buses being used to transport school students at peak hours along Sandy Lane as there is very limited room to pass along the road. We obviously don't want to discourage travelling to school in buses from the point of view of the impact to the enviroment. However we are trying to work with Reed's School to try to get them to reduce their bus sizes to make life easier for other drivers in Sandy Lane. If you are a parent of a school child, what do you think?


21 July 2023

We have been successful in getting the speed limit on Sandy Lane reduced to 30mph! There are now white gates (see photo above) and a 30mph sign just at the end of the wooded area near the A244 junction. There are also 30mph reminder signs along the whole length of the remainder of the 30mph limit. We had hoped to have the speed limit going from the entrance to Sandy Lane at the A244 end but were advised by the Police that motorists wouldn't take any notice of it.

We are concerned about the size of the coaches travelling along Sandy Lane and are advised that they are not just for Reed's School. However we are working with the school to get the size of buses reduced. We continue to work towards getting the junction of Sandy Lane and the A244 improved.

We would like to thank Councillor David Lewis and FEDORA for working with us on this project.


17th February 2023

We are delighted to report that as a result of our lobbing, Surrey Highways is proposing reducing the speed limit along Sandy Lane from 40mph to 30mph. This was one of the highest priorities for Sandy Lane we received as response to the flyer we sent to nearby residents with 95%+  who responded in support of this initiative. You can have your say on this at

We are pleased to be working with FEDORA and Councillor David Lewis on this project.

2nd February 2023

Plans are continuing on the work required to reduce the speed limit on Sandy Lane from 40mph to 30mph. This is going to be done with signage alone rather than any kind of chicane or road markings.

Sadly it looks unlikely that there will be any improvements to the junction of Sandy Lane and the A244 in the near future due to lack of funding. We will continue lobbying for this.

8th July 2022

We are delighted to have been successful in securing £100,000 from Elmbridge Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) Board towards reduction in speed limit on Sandy Lane from 40mph to 30mph. The Community Infrastructure Levy is a charge which is levied by the council on new developments in Elmbridge. Local community groups can apply for money from the levy for infrastructure projects.

There is a speed survey currently underway and the results will inform the design on what traffic infrastructure changes are required to achieve the speed reduction.

This initiative is part of our overall project to improve Sandy Lane with 4 priorities - improve the road surface, improve pedestrian access, reduce speed limit to 30mph without need for street lights and address the issues at the junction of Sandy Lane and the A244.

As a result of our efforts Surrey County Council has cut back vegetation north of Sandringham Park to allow pedestrian access and this is now extensively being used. Road drainage improvements have also been made to stop flooding near the entrance to Reed's School.


30th April 2022

We are really pleased to report that Surrey County Council have now cut back a lot of vegetation along Sandy Lane north of Sandringham Drive as a result of our lobbying. This allows pedestrians to walk more safely on this busy road and is already being used. We would like to thank FEDORA and Councillor David Lewis for working with us on this project.



15th March 2022

We have heard that major changes to the roles and responsibilities between Surrey County Council and the Local Committees have meant that the £110k prioritized/earmarked for work on Sandy Lane is no longer available. This is very disappointing as we had worked hard to get it allocated. However with local Councillor David Lewis we are looking at alternate funding sources, including potentially using part of his member allocation. On a positive note we have commitment that the overgrown vegetation west of Sandringham Drive will be cut back in the next 3-4 weeks.


20th January 2022

A huge thanks to two of our committee members who have worked with our Surrey County Councillor, David Lewis, to lobby Surrey Highways for improvements to Sandy Lane.
As a result there has already been work to improve the flooding issues, and vegetation will shortly be cut back near Sandringham Park. In addition Sandy Lane has been put on the priority list for highways work and £125K has been allocated for work in 2022/23 and 2023/24.


7th January 2022

We are delighted to let you know that as a result of considerable work undertaken by our committee members Dilip Mathew and Brian Teal, that a contract has now been awarded by Surrey Highways to remove vegetation on Sandy Lane near Sandringham Park and that Sandy Lane has now been added to the priority list for road work and Surrey Highways has allocated a budget for work in 2022/2023 and 2023/2024.

A huge shout out to our SCC and EBC councillor David Lewis for his help - his support has been essential! You can get more information on the flyer which we sent to residents in the Sandy Lane area by clicking on the image below.


21st September 2021

One of our initiatives is the improvements on Sandy Lane. These improvements take time, but persistence is key. The Sandy Lane community’s proposed improvements are now very much on the radar of the Surrey Officers and Councillors, with some positive commitments already.

Flooding Issue 1 IMG 1350 1Surrey Highways is addressing the flooding issue to the west of Reeds school, which has become an increasing problem for the residents nearby and is dangerous as oncoming traffic tries to swerve around the bend to avoid the flooding. There is also commitment from Surrey Highways that they will pick up the overgrown vegetation west of Sandringham Park, which then opens up the informal footpath from Milner Drive to Reeds School.  They will repair any defects on Sandy Lane that is serious and considered safety defects.

It is important that as many local residents as possible report these to ensure ongoing safety for all road users e.g., cyclists and walkers in addition to car users. You can report defects to Surrey County Council Highways HERE. This applies to any road in Surrey.

The other improvement suggestions have been recorded in the Elmbridge Local Committee’s prioritisation list, but please bear in mind that it will take
time and is subject to available funding.

  • Reduce speed limit to 30mph
  • Widen junction with Warren Lane to prevent the junction locking up (would need common land)
  • Formal footpath along south side of the road

We are now looking forward to the next Elmbridge Local Committee meeting on 22-Nov-21 to discuss the above issues further.

If you would like to help with this, or any of our projects please email us using the contact button at the top of the screen.

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